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4 Times Premade Volume Lashes Rule the Go-to Lash Extensions

Hey, are you a professional lash tech? Then, you may well know how challenging it is to bring the complex situations at hand. For instance, you may have to use a slower drying lash glue sometimes throughout the summertime, while you may need to choose Premade fans sometimes for the lash set instead of manually creating it by hand during the lash application to save time for your clients.

Now, if you wonder if there is any specific time when choosing Premade fans for volume lash trays is a better alternative, we say YES! Interested to know when and why? Go on reading, then!

When Is the Best Time to Use Premade Lash Fans for Lash Extensions And Why?

Compared to handmade lash fans, most lash experts prefer Premade full-volume lashes to save time on application and make clients happy. In fact, there are some situations when Premade lashes must rule your lash tray. Let us tell you such scenarios and why:

#1: Your Clients Are in a Rush-

Being a lash tech, you may have experienced this question as well as anyone “How Long Will It Take for the Extensions?” After all, most clients come in a rush to leave as early as possible to attend another appointment on the same day. Thanks to Premade lash fans for cutting your application time compared to any handmade fans. It means you no longer need to give less coverage to save time! You can complete the entire lash extension routine while checking thoroughly to ensure no flaws or compromises on quality.

#2: Your Clients Want an Infill with Full Volume Lashes-

You may have often got clients looking for infill but expecting full voluminous lashes even when only a few fans are left! Of course, it’s in your best interest as you may charge her for a full set of lashes and describe how it is different from an infill. However, you can cover those few lashes with Premade volume lash fans better compared to handmade fans. Anyway, it’s best to talk to your clients to explain what an infill contains and what a new full lash set takes.

When & Why Use Premade Lash Fans

#3: Clients with Natural Lashes asking for a Mega Volume-

Suppose any of your clients are asking for a mega lash volume while blessed with loads of natural lashes. In this case, Premade lash extensions are better, as handmade lash applications may take a long time here. After all, you need to place around 80% of handmade fans over the natural lashes, including shaping and manually applying them.

Premade fan lashes don’t need such things cutting so much time that you can use it to get your client 100% coverage to the natural lashes. It’s less stressful and a great way to impress your clients, especially those who are in a rush but wish to leave with voluminous lashes like never before.

#4: Easy to Customise for Your Clients-

Every client has a different choice for their lash volume. Some prefer just an infill, while a few look for full-volume lashes. Using handmade lashes in such cases can take longer time compared to Premade lashes, as the latter is readily available. You can easily apply them and get the perfection and precision your clients are looking for just in seconds, whether it be coverage, retention or high-quality finish.

Note: Make sure you also have the expertise to create handmade lash fans to adapt to the situation at hand when running out of Premade volume lash trays.

Finding the Best Quality Premade Lash Fans Online for Your Salon?

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