How to Choose Premade Lash Fans

A Pro Guide for Newbie Lash Techs: How to Pick the Best Premade Lash Fans

Volume lash extension application is no less than mastering a sculpture! However, thanks to Premade lash fans for making it easier to perform while meeting the precision and perfection clients exactly look for. After all, unlike handmade classic lashes, you don’t have to apply them one-to-one! All you need is to carefully pick the right Premade lashes to wrap around the natural lashes. Let us tell you how!

How to Select the Right Premade Volume Lash Fans for Lash Extensions

Admit it or not, creating symmetrical handmade fans is challenging and takes a lot of time to acquire the skill. On the other hand, Premade volume lashes are readily available as they are created by machines. Yet, you don’t have to spend hours cutting the fans symmetrically, which means saving time on application! It's beneficial for those clients who are always in a rush and don’t have enough time or patience. Moreover, you don’t have to master volume lash extensions to start volume lashing.

Overall, Premade lash fans are a game-changer compared to classic lashes. Just make sure you choose the best Premade volume fans considering your clients’ demands. And, for that, you need to determine first the style your client wants you to create with these volume lashes, such as fluffy lashes or a defined volume look. Since so many options are here for Premade lashes, it gets difficult to choose the right one! That’s why here’s the pro guideline you need to follow:

2D short-stem fans

It’s the best lash fam for those clients looking for a natural volume style for their lashes. 2D short-stem lashes come with fewer extensions to achieve that natural volume.

3D to 6D lash extensions

Some prefer getting fluffy volume lash style where short-stem lashes of 3D. 4D, 5D and 6D lash extensions can be a great choice for your clients to achieve this voluminous look due to their wide width volume.

10D and 20D short-stem fans

Mega volume style for eyelashes has gained popularity in recent years. It’s best for those who prefer a dramatic look to the eyes. These 10D or 20D lash extensions come with fine thickness (0.03 mm to 0.05 mm).

For many clients, feathery and eyeliner effects are also a showstopping choice to achieve a volume lash style. For an instant defining eyeliner effect, you need to choose 3D and 5D long-stem lash fans. It’s best for those who want a quick transformation to their look! Contrarily, a feathery effect is a perfect choice for your clients desiring a wispy look and a more natural voluminous style. In this case, you should choose 5D mixed-length fans. 

Heat-bonded or glue-bonded fans?

When searching for the best-premade lash fans, always focus on the method it is made of. Well, there has been an ongoing debate between heat-bonded and glue-bonded processes. According to professional lash artists, glue-bonded lash fans carry extra weight due to being double-dipped in glue, which can affect natural lashes, whereas heat-bonded fans have no added weight because of their double-heated methods. Also, the latter is easy to create and secure curls on these lash extensions using the heat processor.

So, choose carefully!

Best Premade Lash Fans

In Conclusion

We hope this guide will be helpful for a newbie lash artist like you for choosing the best quality Premade lash fan extensions. And, if you are searching online, Lashmer is the best place for bulk purchases at affordable ranges. All our Premade lashes are heat-bonded, vegan and cruelty-free and made of 100% Korean material. It’s easy to apply within seconds with precision and perfection exactly how your client desires!

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