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Choosing the Right Eyelash Extension for Clients - A Guide for Lash Artists

Eyelashes can no longer be seen as mere accessories that people use to enhance their looks; instead, they are like masterpieces that the lash artists need to create with so much care and precision. However, as a lash artist, you have the magical power to make these lashes beautiful and long-lasting.

This eyelash extension is a cosmetic enhancement where one has to choose the correct lash type for refill and install separate extensions on individual natural lashes for a client.

Unlike traditional false lashes that come in strips, lash extensions are adhered one by one to create length, fullness and colour. You can use single lashes or lightweight fans of multiple lashes, depending on the desired look.

There are now many styles that have been developed, and with customised lash extensions, lash artists can adapt the type of extensions in order to suit the specific preferences of the client.

Normally, these lash extensions would last for about several weeks, though this depends on the kind of eyelash extensions that you make use of. Nevertheless, their durability also depends on the growth cycle of the client’s natural lashes and how well they take care of them. On average, lash extensions can last between two to six weeks. 

Exploring Different Lash Extension Styles

When it comes to eyelash extensions, you've got many options! There are different styles available to help you find your perfect lash look:

Classic Lashes - Classic lashes are all about natural elegance. This style will enable you to fan out one single lash extension against the natural lashes individually. It is ideal where the clients only desire to make their lashes glamorous instead of going to extreme lengths.

Volume Lashes - Volume lashes, on the other hand, are all about amping up the drama! You need to apply multiple lash extensions. The length and thickness of the natural lashes must be tackled by placing several lashes into one natural lash, thus making them look voluminous. But do not fear, it arrives with volume control for your convenience to balance accordingly the taste of your clients - from a mild increase and even to dramatic look.

Different Lash Extension Styles

Hybrid Lashes
-  If you are having a hard time deciding between going for either the classic lashes or the volume ones, then do not worry since there is something called hybrid lashes. You have to combine both techniques to achieve the best outcome. And, you will create a balanced, textured, wispy look that is both natural and striking.

Mega Volume Lashes - If you're all about maximum glamour, mega volume lashes are the way to go! This style involves applying ultra-fine lash extensions in multiple layers to each of the natural lashes. And, the result? Seriously full, seriously luscious, seriously showstopping lashes!

Lash Curl Options

When it comes to lash extensions, the curl ain't just a curl! 

There are several different curl types to choose from, each giving you a slightly different eye-opening look.

C Curl - This is the classic, ultra-versatile curl that suits most people. The C curl gives one’s lashes a lovely, elongated lift while still looking perfectly natural.

CC Curl - The CC curl takes things up a notch from the C, giving the user a bit more lift and curl while still maintaining that coveted natural vibe.

B Curl - If your clients have straight lashes and want just a subtle enhancement, the B curl is perfect for achieving a gorgeous, natural-looking lift.

D Curl - The D curl is made for those who love a bold, glamorous, eye-opening and dramatic look.

J Curl - The J curl is pretty flat and not as commonly used as some other options.

L Curl - If your clients have straight lashes, hooded or heavy lids, deep-set eyes, or lashes that point downwards, the L curl is the right pick. It'll give them an amazing lifted effect.

L+ Curl
- The L+ curl is similar to the L but with a slightly more natural vibe, and this L+ curl makes it perfect for hooded eyes or anyone wanting a more subtle (but still lifted) look.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, learning about the different types of lash extensions out there empowers you to make the perfect choice based on the unique preferences and needs of your clients.

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