Guide to Create Mega Volume Lashes

How to Create Mega Volume Lashes with Promade Fans: A Step-by-step Guide

Are you a newbie in this lash industry? Well, the Australian lash industry is booming these days with trendy volume lash extension styles. So, if you are choosing to be a lash artist, it’s a great career to move to. 

But, when you want to attract more customers, you have to be efficient in the trendiest volume lash styles, like mega volume lashes. Wonder how to create that? If you are a newbie and interested, keep reading this blog and get your answer!

What is Mega Volume Lash Extension Style?

Mega volume lashes are a popular lash extension type that creates incredibly dense and full lashes to give natural lashes a dramatic look. This volume lash style differs from the traditional ones, from the techniques to the effect. For instance, its application process involves super-fine eyelash extensions that attach to each natural lash to create a voluminous effect.

Again, the number of lash fans and diameter used for creating a fan is also different from usual volume lashes. For instance, mega volume promade fans contain from 8 to 20 lashes with 0.03 to 0.05 mm diameter, while usual volume lashes use diameters between 0.05 and 0.07 mm and 2 to 5 lashes to create fans. Mega volume lash extensions offer a more dramatic, darker and denser look. It’s perfect for your clients who love fluffy lashes, especially for special events. 

However, you shouldn’t recommend it to someone whose natural lashes are not strong enough to bear the weight of extensions, who has sparse natural lashes, or who wants a more natural look. For these clients, volume or classic lashes are the best option.

How to Create a Mega Volume Lash Set

Whether you are a newbie or an efficient lash artist, creating mega volume lashes requires efficiency. There are two ways to create a mega volume lash set:


For a newbie, it is difficult to create mega volume lash fans manually as it requires experience and skill. In a manual process, you need to use fine lashes to make the fans, like up to 20 or more extensions for each natural lash. It can be time-consuming to create and apply large volume fans, leading to more time for lash application, up to 4 or 5 hours. As a result, your clients may feel restless and never want to visit your lash salon. 

Mega Volume Lash Set

Promade lash fans

If you are a newbie and really want to cut down lash application time, using promade lash fans is the best way to create perfect-looking mega volume lash extensions. Compared to handcrafted fans individually, it saves a lot of time and ensures consistency in shape and size. Hence, you can offer a more symmetrical and voluminous lash set with precision. Make sure you use the best-quality adhesive and place the fans perfectly, maintaining proper gaps, so they can be long-lasting and secure. 

In Conclusion

So, are you ready to try a mega volume lash application this time? If yes, choose our 5D Loose Promade Fans (C and D curl). At Lashmer, we offer 5D fans with 0.07 diameter and 8 to 15 mm lengths which are super dark and soft, making them easy to apply. All our lash fans are cruelty-free vegan and heat-bonded. Shop now!

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