5 Volume Lash Hacks

Let’s Cut Down the Lash Time: 5 Volume Lash Hacks (for Beginners)

When talking about 2024 lash extension styles, we find volume lashes gaining the highest popularity among Aussie women. No wonder you have a bright career in the lash industry, especially if you are creative and passionate enough about beautifying one’s eye. Just make sure you have a great lashing speed!

In fact, the hottest question we have got from lash artists so far this year is “How Can I Speed Up My Lash Time?” In this blog, we are going to answer this.

How to Speed up the Volume Lash Extension Application

Truth be told, it’s a real concern for lash technicians, especially beginners who want to serve more clients a day. If you are a newbie with a lower lashing speed, applying full-volume lashes may take over 4 to 5 hours. Hence, you may have to turn down clients as you may run out of time for the day.

Let us tell you some amazing hacks to cut down your lash application time.

Hack #1: Keep Your Volume Lash Applies Ready-

Make sure you keep all your lash supplies within your arm’s reach and in a proper setup, like on the trolley or side table, so you can access them easily when serving your client. In this way, you can cut down on the time spent rummaging through the stock to pick the perfect lash tray.

Hack #2: Have Great Lighting-

Good lighting is highly important for lash artists to speed up lash time. The better the lighting is, the clearer the view you will get, even for the baby lashes. Make sure you choose ring lights or overhead lamps for your lash salon to avoid coming light only from one direction. It may shadow one side of your client’s face.

Hack #3: Lash Adhesive-

Do you often hold the lash fans too long to dry? Don’t you ever feel that you can utilise this time somewhere else? Perhaps it’s time to switch to a faster-drying lash adhesive! Lashmer Non Shake Extreme Fast Bond lash adhesive offers the fastest drying in seconds, allowing you to finish your full-volume lash extensions in just one and a half hours.

Hack #4: Superbonder-

Does your lash glue take a long time to cure? It can slow down your lashing speed. Cut down on lash time with Lashmer Super Bonder! It adds elasticity to the adhesive bonds, making them less prone to breakage and more flexible. As it cures in seconds, your client will feel less irritated.

Hack #5: Premade and Promade fans-

Well, these two can be the best tools to speed up your lash application if you don’t know how to make fans. Whether applying light-volume lashes or full ones, premade and promade lash fans can save your day. These lash fans can cut your lash time by 30%. In fact, you don’t have to be a trained volume lash tech to use this.

However, if you are an experienced lash tech, try our Lashmer Russian Volume Lashes Bundle and make your own fan for volume lash extensions for individual clients.

Volume lash Extensions Application

Still unsure if these hacks work? We would like to share some success stories of many lash techs who have tried these hacks and our products.

“I was sceptical before. But, these volume lash hacks truly helped me to reduce my lash extension application time on clients. Happy clients, happy me!”- Emily

“As a lash artist, I always look out for unique ways to improve my skills and clients’ experiences as well. And, these hacks were truly a game-changer!” - Jane

“I am a newbie in this lash industry. So, it’s a challenge for me to apply volume lash extensions faster. But, with these hacks, it really works.” - Sarah

So, why wait? Try these hacks today and shop now for Russian and silk volume lashes from our website! Enjoy free express delivery all over Australia for AUD$180+!

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