Mastering Salon-worthy Volume Lash Fans - A Pro Guide

Mastering Salon-worthy Volume Lash Fans - A Pro Guide

Creating perfect volume lash sets is an art. Your ability to fan out lashes into a gorgeous, eye-opening look is what will wow clients and have them book repeat appointments.

But it does take practice to master the techniques that give consistent, flawless results.

Volume eyelash extension sets are having a major moment right now. Women love the doll-eyed, wide-eyed look that only voluminous lashes can provide. As a lash artist, you have the power to make clients feel beautiful and confident. But achieving uniform, symmetrical volume fans takes skill and precision. Don’t worry - even 20-year veterans still find joy in perfecting their volume lash techniques.

You Can Simply Follow These Tips 

Focus on Even Spacing

Proper spacing is the foundation of any great volume fan. The lashes within the fan should be evenly distributed. Fans that are too close or overlapping will look messy and clumped. If the spacing is uneven, gaps will be visible along the lash line which ruins the full effect. Wider fans require closer spacing between lashes, while narrower fans can handle more distance between each lash. So, adjust as needed before setting the fan so it dries evenly.

Use the 1/3 Rule

Beware of lopsided fans with uneven proportions. A good rule of thumb is to make the eyelash extension fan’s base 1/3 of the total length. This helps taper the ends for a natural look. The remaining 2/3 of the length will be the fan’s body. A properly tapered base prevents the fan from splitting or falling out too early. 

Mind the Adhesive Zone

One of the most crucial steps in perfecting volume lash fans is applying the right amount of adhesive. You’ll want to leave a 2mm section at the very base of the fan for glue. This ensures proper adhesion to hold the fan together. Using too little glue can lead to fallout and poor retention. Make sure to fully saturate the base with adhesive before setting the fan.

Consider Lash Thickness

An often overlooked aspect is matching the thickness of the lash extensions to the natural lashes of the client. Thickness impacts the overall weight and curl of the fan. If you use lashes that are too thick or long, it can actually damage the natural lashes by being too heavy. Always assess the client’s natural lash health and strength first. Then select an appropriate thickness that won’t overload the natural lash.

Practice New Techniques

Becoming a pro-volume lash artist requires trying out different techniques to see what works best for you. 

Lean and Pick

With this technique, pick up the fan close to the base, avoiding crossover. Place the fan on the lash strip, then lean it over to one side. Use your tweezers to pick the lashes open into a fan shape one by one. The lean-and-pick approach helps ensure even spacing. 

Pinching Method

Start by taking a lash from the strip and holding it firmly between your thumb and forefinger. You can also use tweezers to maintain grip if needed. Pinch the base of the fan gently with your fingers or tweezers. Then use your other hand to slowly open up the fan, wriggling the lashes outward into shape. Once you've fanned out the lashes, dip the base of the fan in lash glue and apply it to the natural lash.

Off-Tape Technique

The off-tape method is great for beginners. You can start by moving individual volume lashes either on the same tape strip or onto another tape. Carefully separate each lash from the ones remaining on the strip. Then use your tweezers to fan out the lashes into the desired shape. Once fanned out, grab the lash in the middle and lift up and towards yourself to pick it up. The off tape technique gives you more control in placing each lash just right.

Flawless Volume Lash Fans

Sponge Practice

Using a makeup sponge helps you practice volume techniques without wasting supplies. Just create fans and attach them to the sponge as if it were an eye. You can easily see how well you attached the lashes and adjust your precision. While a sponge isn't exactly like a real eye, it's great for repetitively honing technique.

Final Words

With the right products and practice, you'll be fanning out perfect volume sets in no time. 

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