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Premade Lash Fans on the Hype: Top 8 Secrets

Hey, do you know what is the hottest topic among lash artists right now? Here it is! Truth be told, premade lash fans have always been at the top of fashion in the lash industry and recently leaned more towards it. These days, many reputable brands are launching top product lines of premade lashes.

But, if you wonder why you need to use premade lash fans for your clients or why it is on the hype, we can tell you the secrets behind it! Let’s get started.

What Brings Premade Lash Extensions Fans on the Hype in the Lash Industry?

The best part about premade fan lashes is their wide variety of types, diameters (0.03 to 0.10), and dimensions, from 3D to 12D. No wonder what all this hype is about! It’s the top choice for every lash artist for their clients and even themselves. Here’s the secrets why:

Best for Your Happy Clients

If you are a lash artist, premade lash fans will be the best choice you can make to make your clients happy and retain them. Ladies will actually fall for it!

  • Perfect For Busy Schedules- If your clients are mostly busy all the time due to balancing jobs and household chores, they can’t spare you two or three hours for a full set. Still, when they desire full volume, premade fans can give them a perfect extension without waiting long three hours. It’s easy to apply in seconds with the exact precision your clients want.

  • Best For Clients With Back Pain Or Any Medical Condition- do you often attend to such clients who have bad back conditions? It means they keep moving through the lash extension session as they can’t lie down longer. Premade lash extensions get done just in seconds.

  • Live In Remote Locations- Some clients look for hand-made volume lashes for a dramatic and classic look that can't be found everywhere, especially living in remote areas. You can offer your clients extensions with premade volume lashes to meet that volume and make your clients happy.
Why Premade Lash Extensions are trending

Great for Lash Artists

Not just to retain more and more happy clients, premade lashes can fetch the biggest advantage even for the lash artists.

  • Best for Beginners- Are you a newbie in the lash industry? If so, premade lash extension fans are great for you. We understand how challenging it is to offer volume lashes by a new lash artist. Don’t worry if you are not an expert at providing volume lashes. With premade lash fans, it's just a matter of a blink of an eye!

  • Take Too Long Application Time- Retaining busy clients can be hard if you take too much time in lash application. They may desire a full-volume lash but don’t have time to wait two or three hours. Premade lash extensions take just seconds to apply precisely and with perfection, especially when skilled at volume.

  • Satisfy Clients With Perfect Symmetrical Lash Fans- Some ladies look for fabulous clean results, especially symmetrical lashes. But, shaping traditional lashes to their desired length symmetrically can be challenging. Premade lash fans can give the perfect symmetry without much effort and leave your clients happy.

  • Different Lash Looks- When your clients have different volume demands, from hybrid to mega style, premade fan lashes are the easiest way to create these amazing lash looks. You can seamlessly customise your lashes however your clients want without affecting natural lashes.

  • Great For Business Growth- You will get a limited client base if you offer only classic lashes. Most ladies look for voluminous lashes that you can provide with premade lash extensions with a variety of dimensions and minimal application time. It will definitely take your business growth to the next level.

In Conclusion

So, why wait? If you are a lash artist looking to make your clients happy by cutting their lash application time and giving them a variety of volume lashes, get premade lash extension fans today for your lash salon. At Lashmer, we are offering 100% cruelty-free and vegan premade lashes, creating a natural and flawless look, available from 3D to 12D volume, different lengths and diameters and much more. We ensure utmost durability for our lashes that withstand daily wear.

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