Benefits Of Eye Gel Patches

Under-eye Gel Pads: What They Are, How to Use, Benefits and More

In Australia, more and more teens nowadays are showing their interest in the beauty industry to fetch further growth in their careers and take it to the next level. No wonder the enrolment rates in the beauty schools and colleges are increasing rapidly.

And, being a trainer in a beauty school or college, you know how important it is to guide the newbies step-by-step for the lash extension application so they can give their clients the best outcome every time. If you wonder where to start, go ahead and explain the under-eye gel pad application procedure, including its benefits, how to use it for wrinkles and much more! In today’s blog, we are going to give you a brief idea of that.

What Are Under-Eye Gel Patches?

Under-eye gel pads are designed for eyelash extensions to cover the lower lashes and prevent the eyelids from fluttering during the lash application. Thus, the lash technician can continue the process faster without a mess! Mostly, these eye gel pads come in curved shapes, fitting almost every eye. Yet, it’s too easy to apply, and you don’t need to trim them accordingly.

Benefits of Applying Under-Eye Gel Patches

Applying under-eye gel pads during the eyelash extension procedure doesn’t just stop the eyelids from fluttering or covering the lower lashes to ensure perfect lash application. In fact, these gel patches can work amazingly for your clients.

Actually, as we age, the skin starts losing its elasticity, causing wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles. Under-eye gel pads contain collagen, peptides and antioxidants, which moisturise and brighten the under-eye area, improving the overall appearance. Also, it gives the skin other anti-aging benefits, such as reducing eye bags and crow’s feet, leading to more youthful and brighter skin. 

How to Apply Under-Eye Gel Pads to Improve Puffiness and Wrinkles  

Well, the instructions for using the under-eye gel patches for puffiness may be different from the way applied for lash extensions. So it’s wise to read them carefully before applying. However, the application steps are nearly similar as mentioned in the following:

Step 1: Gently cleanse and dry the under-eye area using a lint-free and mild cleanser.

Step 2: Next, remove the patches carefully from the bag and apply them on the top of the lower lashes without touching the edge of the lower eyelids or the eye.

Step 3: Let your clients relax for 10 to 15 minutes for the maximum absorption of the ingredients into the skin.

Step 4: After that, remove the eye pads gently and apply the remaining serum in the patches around the eye area for better absorption.

Step 5: Continue the remaining skincare routine if there’s any left.

Guide To Apply Eye Gel Pad

Pro Tip: When opening the bag of gel eye patches, use them immediately. Also, never reuse the eye pads. And, if you find your clients struggling with redness and irritation after applying the patches, stop using them and cleanse the area with water.

Best Time for Using Under-Eye Gel Patches

Usually, you can use under-eye patches anytime. Still, it’s recommended to wear it in the morning before wearing any makeup and at night before sleep to get the utmost benefits. In the morning, apply it just after cleansing your face. Clear skin absorbs the most nutrients and stays hydrated all day while looking plump. On the other hand, you can apply the under-eye patches before sleeping after removing your makeup. It will restore your skin by absorbing ingredients. 

In Conclusion

We hope this guide will be helpful for you to guide the new trainees at beauty schools and colleges. And, if you want to order under-eye gel patches in bulk for your beauty school or college, shop from us. At Lashmer, we are offering the best under-eye gel patches of different varieties, slim, thin and collagen gel patches for easy lash extension.

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