Advantage of Easy Fan Lash

Unfolding the Magic for Easy Fan Lashes: Best Guide for Lash Artists (With Tips!)

Whether you are a lash artist at a startup or running a full-fledged lash salon in the heart of Australia, here’s the biggest news: Easy fan lashes!

Creating volume fans manually following conventional hand fan methods is time-consuming for every lash artist, regardless of their expertise. In the world of eyelash extensions, easy fan lashes have brought a revolution with their innovative pre-fanned volume. 

However, the magic of these easy fans is not limited to just quick lash applications! It goes beyond that. Let’s explore! 

Advantages of Embracing Easy Fan Lashes for Eyelash Stylists

Gone are the days of handmade fans to add volume to the lash trays! Manually-formed lashes take a lot of effort and time to create, especially when clients want volume for their natural lashes in a short amount of time. Easy lash fans are just like a magic wand here for lash artists, which seems undoubtedly true given the benefits in the following:

Easy Handling and Application

Whether you are an experienced lash artist or a newbie, easy lash fans are the best alternative when it comes to full-volume lash extensions. These lash fans are easy to manage and apply to natural lashes due to their predetermined shapes and classic curls (C or D curls). It means you can avoid the risks of irregularities and mistakes that usually happen during a fan's shaping. Moreover, you gain much more time for the application process and can focus on it while applying it to the natural lashes. Overall, the time reduces and precision finds its way!


Easy fan lashes are a time-saving solution for lash artists. These lash fans cut off the significant time spent on eyelash lengthening, especially for manual shaping for volume compartments since they are already pre-fanned. Hence, you can offer a top-notch volume of natural lashes within a short amount of time, as your clients desire, which means serving more clients, which drives up the sales for your lash salon. 

Precision and Consistency

Easy fan lash extensions offer the ultimate consistency and precision every time for volume fans. You can skip the errors of maintaining the same size and arrangement for each fan when creating volume lashes, as they remain pre-formed. Hence, you can hold on to a professional appearance and a consistent result for every customer while concentrating on the application technique. 

Lash Styling Options

Easy lash fans come with diverse design options, allowing you to showcase your creativity as per your client's desire. These pre-fanned lashes offer a variety of choices in thickness, curls, and length. Yet, you have the freedom to provide tailor-made lash extensions by blending different fans to achieve the voluminous look your client asks for. 

Tips for Lash Artists for Using Easy Lash Fans

  • Always go for top-notch quality when buying easy lash fans online to ensure consistent results and client satisfaction.
  • If you are a newbie lash artist, practice more for faster and more efficient lash application and volume fan creations.
  • Since every client has a unique taste for lash volume and looks, keep experimenting with various fan lengths and volumes. Mix and match to create a striking appearance as clients demand. 
  • Always clean and grease easy fan lashes before applying them to the natural lashes to ensure longer durability and better adhesion. 
Easy Fan Lash Extensions Tips And Benefits

In a Nutshell

Easy lash fans are gentle on natural lashes, making them perfect to offer an impressive and voluminous look to your clients. And, if you're looking for top-quality easy fan lash extensions online for your lash salon, shop at Lashmer! We have classic, hand-made and super black easy fan lashes made of 100% Korean material, offering precision and the perfect look.

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