Promade Lashes Craze Reason

Why There’s A Craze about Promade Lashes - A Must-Read for Every Lash Artist

In the world of eyelash extensions, a new player has emerged and it grabs the attention of every lash artist - promade lashes. If you're a lash technician, you may also have heard of promade fans. But the question is - what's the big deal with promade lashes? 

In very simple words, promade lash fans are essentially handmade volume fans that you can purchase in bulk.

They're similar to the fans you would normally create yourself for volume lash treatments but there's a difference. Unlike premade lashes that are machine-made, promades are handcrafted. Sounds great, right? 

This means they offer some unique advantages for lash artists. Are you excited to learn more? Great! This blog explains why promade lashes have become the latest must-have for lash technicians in Australia.

Total Time Saving

One of the biggest benefits of the best promade fans is the time-saving factor. Every lash artist knows how much time it takes to create those intricate handmade volume fans for each client. But with promade fans, you can skip that step and get straight to applying the lashes, slicing down your appointment times. Amazing!

This way you can offer express infill appointments using promade fans - that's a great way to give your clients more options and keep your schedule packed. Since promade fans come as loose fans, you can easily store them using a tray to stay organised and ready for those speedy sessions.

The Feather-Light Advantage of Promade Lashes

Another standout feature of promade fans is just how lightweight they are on the lashes. This is all thanks to the unique way they're constructed.

Unlike premade fans that are bonded with adhesive, promade fans use a heat-bonding process to attach the lashes to the base. The base of promade fans is lightweight and flexible, so it doesn't drag down your client's natural lashes.

Advantage of Promade Lashes

Many premade fans tend to have a thicker base because they've been "double dipped" in lash adhesive. This can sometimes lead to retention issues as well. But with promade fans, there's less glue involved, so the base stays nice and lightweight. And, light and flexible lashes last longer on your clients …. like 3 weeks or more of retention!

A Lash-Healthy Solution

You know what they say, healthy lashes are happy lashes. And when it comes to promade fans, they're not just a game-changer for your business - they're also fantastic for encouraging lash health.

Compared to some other lash options, the lightweight design of promade lashes helps create an environment that encourages healthy lash growth. So, your clients can keep rocking a full, fluttery look. And let's not forget about the reduced irritation factor. With promade fans, there's less adhesive involved, which means fewer potential skin sensitivities. Your clients will appreciate the gentle touch.

When your clients know you're committed to their lash health, it builds that trust and loyalty. They'll keep coming back to you, the lash artist who really cares about the wellbeing of their natural lashes. 

Bottom Line

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