Wispy Lash Extensions For Good Look

Wispy Lash Extensions: How to Get an Effortless Look

Do you get many clients nowadays wishing for a natural makeup look for their everyday style or night outs? Well, that’s on trend now. Wondering how to get them one? Just two words- Wispy Lashes! Wispy lash extensions are the most trending step to add to the everyday minimal beauty routine of women these days. It gives not just an effortless look but a flawless one!

But, if you have never tried applying these lashes on your clients, today’s guide is for you- What they are, how to apply and much more. Let’s get started

What are Wispy Fan Lash Extensions and How to Apply Them

Wispy lashes stand out uniquely from other lashes due to their perfect balance of softness, length and feathery features. That’s why these lashes are easy to fit on your clients while offering a perfectly natural look effortlessly without being too dramatic or bold, making them the best addition to daily style.

Now, let’s talk about how to get your clients these wispy lash extensions.

Well, it's easy-breezy! You just need to choose a custom full set of wispy lashes as per your client’s request or what you think goes with her style to give a natural look. Then, apply them through a hybrid method, where you need to combine the volume and classic lashes and place them evenly across the lash line. Thus, you can ensure your clients get a perfect blend of texture and fullness, giving them a gorgeous vibe every day. Happy clients, happy you!

Bonus Tip: Natural Make Ideas with Wispy Lashes

While applying wispy lash fans on your clients’ eyes to create a natural look for their every day on the go, make sure you give them some bonus ideas on natural makeup to pair with these lash extensions perfectly. For example:

Neutral Lip Colour

With a wispy lash extension, always recommend natural lipstick shades, like thenude ones. For warm undertones, it should be pink, while a bit more purple for cool undertones to complement a soft and natural makeup look.

Fluffy Eyebrows

A full brow look adds a standout definition and contrast against the wispy lash extensions. You can recommend seamless filled-in fluffy brows using a non-invasive method to cover if there’s any sparse areas and reposition the brow hairs. 

Subtle Blush

A natural makeup look is all about a clean and subtle finish. Applying too much foundation on the face can cause cakey skin. Instead, suggest your clients go for the soft blush or highlighter to add a natural glow to their cheeks across the apples of their cheekbones.

Thin Eyeliner

Just a dash of thin eyeliner along the upper lash line can add a statement to your eyes and wispy lashes. It’s key to completing any natural makeup look you wish to create with subtle emphasis. Also, it’s a great way to create bigger eyes! 

In Conclusion

No wonder these wispy fan lashes are a favourite among lash artists and women! So, whether you are a newbie in the lash industry or not, adding wispy lashes to your lash trays is the best thing you can do to give your clients a natural pop to their lash lines, especially those who wish for a natural look for their daily dressing.

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