Understanding Premade Eyelash Fans

Premade Lash Fans: Good or Bad? (from a Lash Tech’s View)

No matter whether you are a newbie in the lash industry or an experienced one, earning profit is all that matters, isn’t it? Well, there are different ways to fetch that. 

For instance, you can spend less on lash supplies by going for low-quality materials. But it may affect your service quality as well as client satisfaction. Yet, not a good idea for your business! 

The second option is using different sources to attract clients’ attention, like social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and more.

Or, the best one you can try to allure more clients every day and boost your income is to add premade eyelash fans to your lash tech toolkit. Since they are already formed, it takes just seconds to apply and bring precision to volume lashes. Aussie women find it really amazing, as they don’t have to wait hours at the lash salon to get their extensions done. 

However, the question remains, “Is the choice worth it or not?” We will answer it today from a lash artist's point of view. Let’s begin.


Understanding Premade Eyelash Fans

Understanding Premade Eyelash Fans from a Lash Artist’s View: Up to Par or Not?

Recently, we had a client named Jessica Smith, an experienced lash artist. She shopped from our website for premade volume lash fans and has shared her specific preferences and concerns. Here, we are sharing that, which will surely help you determine whether premade lashes are a good or bad choice for lash extensions for your clients.  

“Hi, it’s Jessica. I recently got premade eyelash fans for volume extensions from Lashmer for my clients since it’s trending these days in Australia, and many love it. It was my first time using this product. Honestly, I really liked this new idea of lash fans. It’s not just that Lashmer has excellent quality premade lashes made of 100% Korean material and are vegan and cruelty-free with no split root; things are beyond that. Let me tell you in a little more detail.

The best part about premade lash fans is that they are super easy to apply, like in seconds; but with precision and a natural look. So, I can serve more customers a day now while leaving them 100% satisfied. Happy clients, happy me!

Next is the consistency, which is beyond conventional handmade lashes. It offers perfection and a polished look every time I use them. I would really like to recommend premade volume lashes to beginners in the lash industry who try to serve more clients but fail due to their long lash application time. 

And, besides cutting down on lash time, it eliminates the chances of damaging natural lashes as they are already formed, which is a plus point for newbie lash techs. In fact, it has options of multiple lengths and volumes, allowing me and even beginners to provide extensions tailored to the client’s desires easily. 


Lash Fans Good or Bad


Anyway, speaking of disadvantages, there’s no such thing unless you have the least lash application skills, as you may have to shape them to achieve your customer's desired style and looks. Also, it can be a problem to choose from different lengths and thicknesses to create a custom look exactly as your customer wants. So, I suggest newbies practice more so you can be efficient in applying both premade lashes and handmade lash fans.”

In Conclusion

We hope you understand that premade lash fans for eyelash extensions are actually a great choice. You just have to practise more and learn more from experts! And, if you are looking for top-quality premade lashes for your lash tray, get them from us.  

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