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Professional Eyelash Extension Kit - The Best Thing You Need Right Now for Your Career

Calling all lash artists - from seasoned pros to those just starting out! This blog is for you if you want to build a rewarding eyelash extension career.

Lash extensions are hugely popular among Australian women. Getting long, lush lashes is now seen as an essential part of beauty routines.

As a lash artist, you can gain a stellar reputation, make great money and enjoy a steady stream of clients.

But to achieve this success, you need to provide professional-grade services that wow each client. This is where using a top-quality Professional Student Lash Kit becomes vital. These specially designed kits give you all the tools and products needed for flawless lash extension applications. When you rely on an expert-curated eyelash extensions kit, you can confidently serve clients with consistent, salon-worthy results.

Since more and more women want lash extension services these days, there is a huge demand for this service. To keep up with the huge demand, new lash extension suppliers are popping up everywhere. They are always working to improve product quality to attract more customers. This growing trend means major opportunities for lash artists and business owners. Now is the perfect time to expand your client base and make more money.

Don't miss out on this chance to grow! Reach more clients by offering the lash extensions they crave.

Lashmer is the best online platform to place orders for bulk purchases at affordable ranges. We offer an especially curated Professional Student Lash Kit available at a very affordable rate. The best thing is - this lash extension kit is usually ready in 24 hours and you can pick up this item at the warehouse.

The lash extension kit includes:

  1. Mannequin Head + Training Lashes (5 pairs/box)
  2. Lash Tile*1, Mascara Wands (50pcs/pack), Micro Brush (100pcs/ pack), Lip Brush (50pcs/pack)
  3. Scissor*1, Jade Stone*1, Micro Tape*1
  4. Eyepad (25pcs/pack)
  5. Straight Tweezers*1, Curved Tweezers*2
  6. Lash Foam Cleanser (60ml)*1
  7. Glue*1, Primer*1, Glue Remover*1
  8. Classic Lashes mix tray*2
  9. Volume lashes mix tray*2
  10. Fast and Easy fans mix tray*2
  11. Air Blower
  12. Glue holder/Silver Glue Sticker
  13. Makeup Case.

    Benefits of Buying this Professional Eyelash Extension Kit           

    Save Time With Bulk Buying

    As a busy lash artist, you don't have time to constantly shop around for supplies. Wholesale student lash kits mean you can order in bulk and avoid last-minute supply shortages. No more panicking when you run low on adhesives or lash trays! Bulk buying saves you time so you can keep your schedule filled with clients.

    Maintain Consistent Quality 

    When you purchase wholesale lash kits from a reliable supplier, you’ll provide clients with consistent quality every time. Your customers will come to expect the same great application experience without surprises or variation. This builds loyalty and retention for your business.

    Get the Best Prices on Bulk Orders

    Who doesn't love a good deal? Buying wholesale student lash kits allows you to get volume discounts you can't get when purchasing retail. Lower prices mean more profit margin for your business. It's a win-win. You save money and clients get affordable services.

    Final Words

    You can compare this specially designed professional eyelash extension kit with other kits available on the market. You will definitely buy this kit because this one was the best value and had everything you wanted to please your clients. Shop now at a competitive rate!

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