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Unlocking Lash Tray Terminology: Best Guide Ever for Newbie Lash Artists

So, you are all set to start your new lash salon. Congratulations!

Now, the common challenge you may face while starting your journey as a lash extension expert is selecting the right volume lash trays for your clients. After all, there’s an array of options to pick from, from lengths to diameters to curls. To make the right choice every time, you need to have a clear understanding of volume lash tray terminology and its variations, especially when at startups. Let’s get started.

Understanding Volume Lash Tray Variations and Their Differences

Being a newbie lash artist, you should know which lash extension technique you would like to have expertise in and offer your clients the best.

For instance, when you desire to provide your clients with individual lashes, create your own handmade lash fans. However, it takes a lot of time. Premade lash fans contrarily are the best alternative to creating perfect and stunning lash extensions with precision when your clients are in a rush. These volume-set lashes are already pre-fanned to make the lash extension process easier and faster for lash artists.

In fact, there’s more to learn!

Lash Extension Volumes

Although volume and thickness sound the same and are used alternatively by many clients, the lash industry sees these two terms differently, especially for full-volume lash extensions. Here, volume means the number of strands a lash fan holds that are applied to the natural lashes to create a voluminous look. On the other hand, thickness refers to the diameter of those lash strands, ranging from 0.03 to 0.10. To give your clients a perfect and precise look, you need to select the right diameter, volume, lengths, and curls. For instance, a good rule of thumb is less volume and greater thickness.

Variations of Volume Lash Tray

Previously, lash artists attached two lash strands to one natural lash to create 2D volume lash fans. Over time, volume lash trays have been updated up to 10D sets, which means the lash fan attached to one natural lash holds ten lash strands. The more lash strands, the more voluminous the natural lashes!

Lash Extension Materials

If you are choosing premade lash fans for your volume lash supplies, always go for 100% handmade Korean material due to their softness and strength to hold the curls for longer. Also, these premade lash extensions come in dark pigment, giving a bold look to natural lashes.

Lash Extension Lengths

Many clients prefer the longest lengths to get a dramatic look for their natural lashes. Lash lengths range from 7mm to 17mm. However, as a lash artist, you need to consider the right length and understand how much the natural lashes realistically hold. Also, remember the volume and thickness of the lash strands, as they can impact the lash weight. Overall, select the lash length based on the look your client desires, natural lash type, and eye shape.

For example, shorter-length lash extensions are best for thin and delicate natural lashes to avoid breakage and fallout. Or, when your clients have tiny eyes, longer-length lashes are not the right choice due to a lack of lid capacity.

Lash Extension Curls

To choose the right curl, understand the letters used for labelling curls, which refer to their degree. For example, the C curl is less curly, the D curl is curler, whilst the L curl lifts the appearance by creating a foxy eye. In Australia, D curl is the most preferred one by clients.

In Conclusion

We hope you have a clear idea of the volume lash trays now. And, if you are looking for premium quality full-volume lash supplies for your lash salon, shop now at Lashmer. We have super black and long-lasting 100% Korean material and handmade lash fans for extensions.

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