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Berrywell Eyelash Tint Activator 61ml

Berrywell Eyelash Tint Activator 61ml

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The Berrywell Eyelash Tint Activator is a salon-exclusive tint activator. Though the Berrywell Eyelash Tint Activator is coordinated to eyelash colours of Berrywell, it is also a great activator for other generic eyelash or eyebrow tints.

The Berrywell Eyelash Tint Activator is specially formulated to deliver high-quality professional eyelash tint services that amazingly gives the eyelash an attractive, long-lasting colour (up to 6 weeks). With the Berrywell eyelash tint activator, you will be getting a reliable and tested quality.

It is surprisingly easy to use as anyone can learn how to tint their eyelashes at home using it. It’s arguably the best eyelash activator to be used in eyelash tinting treatments. It comes in a compact 61ml bottle with a nozzle cap for measured dispensing.

Key Features

  • Dermatologically approved- salon-exclusive
  • Long-lasting results
  • Gentle and simple to use
  • Comes in a small compact tube

Is Berrywell Eyelash Tint Activator 10Vol 61ml for you?

  • High-quality professional products that work as intended
  • Long-lasting effect and easy to use


  • Mix a small quantity of BERRYWELL brow and lash colours (approximately 3/4 inch) with approximately 10 drops of BERRYWELL developer.
  • Mix it to form creamy paste.
  • Apply immediately
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Customer Reviews

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Works really good as an activator x