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ACOS DIY Feather-Light Cluster Lashes- Style #1

ACOS DIY Feather-Light Cluster Lashes- Style #1

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About ACOS Cluster Lashes

Our Feather-Light Cluster Lashes have been designed to give you a flawless, fluttery amazing Lash Looking. The 3D layered finish and alternating lengths also help to create a beautiful, multi-dimensional lash effect.

CLUSTERS - Style #1

Size Chart

Top curved section = 10mm-14mm( one set)

1 x row of 10mm

1 x row of 12mm

1 x row of 14mm

How To Apply

Deep clean your natural lashes first.
(1)Using the lash tweezers to pick up  Cluster lashes from the tray from just above the adhesive base. Avoid touching the adhesive base with the applicator.
Gently apply to the underneath of your natural lashes.
Avoid applying the lash too close to your waterline or eyelids.

We recommend using anything from 3 to 5 lash clusters depends on your eyes.

(1) Soak a cotton pad with makeup remover oil and gently press it onto the eye area for 10-20 seconds.
(2) Carefully remove the cluster eyelashes with your fingers.
(3) We recommend removing cluster lashes before bed.

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