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Lashmer Volume Advanced Ultra+

Lashmer Volume Advanced Ultra+

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Introducing our always best seller fast drying glue.
Made in South Korea for Lashmer and it has become most of lash technician favourite lash glue...Very very suits for premade fans and promade fans !!!

Professional grade ultra bonding lash glue, and because of fast setting speed, it offers extremely long lasting hold up to7- 8 weeks.

Always freshest adhesives – guaranteed! ✅ We get lash adhesive shipments every 2  weeks. So  we can offer you the freshest lash adhesive. Lashmer lash adhesive is perfectly sealed packed and always maintain in best use condition!

How to maximum retention:

  • Always check the temperature and humidity in your room. Better to use a Thermometer to make sure it’s always in the ideal range. And you can use a humidifier, air conditioner, heater,  fan or dehumidifier to adjust the temperature and humidity as needed.
  • Store upright (ideally in an glue storage tank)
  • Use within 4-6 weeks after opening the bottle
  • Shake well for at least 30-60 seconds
  • Use Lint-free nozzle wipes

Questions & Answers:

  •  Beginner & junior lash tech choice: better to use another glue, our
    Lashmer Ultra Bond, use 2-4 second glue to slower glue drying speed, to make sure you have enough time to stick the lashes properly. 
  • No makeup ! Dont use oil makeup remover...better to use lash shampoo to get rid of oil.
  • Always use fresh glue. Fresh glue is less fume and irritation. Once glue open, don't store the opened glue in fridge !!! 
  • Adjust temperature & humidity to control glue drying speed.
  • Always use fresh drop. Use fresh drop of adhesive every 15 – 20 minutes
  • Use right type of glue. Better to test a couple of different type of glue on your mum, friends,models before lashing your clients.
  • Use right amount of glue. Too less glue will result in poor rentention and too many glue will affect drying speed and easy stick lashes together. Need practice !!!

Product description:
Color: Black
Retention: more than 7 weeks.
Ideal temperature & humidity: 21-25°C / 50-65%
Shelf life: 6 months from the date of production.
Dry speed time: Dries in just 1-2 seconds.
Reduced clumping with low fumes and thin viscosity.

Suitable for classic or volume extensions.
ISO medical approved ingredients / Latex & Formaldehyde Free / Paraben Free / Oil & Water resistant

For professional use only.
Do not apply to your own lashes. Lashmer is not liable for any misuse of our eyelash extension adhesives.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
H. C.
Volume advanced Ultra

If retention is your problem, try this adhesive! You won't be disappointed.

H. C.
Volume advanced Ultra

This is the best eyelash glue I have ever used. Great retention!

Highly recommended lashmer products

I m specifically feeling very safe with the lashmer glue with the new business, really very good product.

Edward Runte

Just started lashing this is good glue does dries fast and has a long hold ! Came in 3 days also!

Mariam Ziemann

Awesome product! I’m a lash Technician and I was skeptical at first but this glue does the job!