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Pre-Cut Under Eye Gel Pads | Lashmer | For Easy Eyelash Exention Application

Pre-Cut Under Eye Gel Pads | Lashmer | For Easy Eyelash Exention Application

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Lashmer pre-cut under eye gel pads have three slits, ensuring a proper fit for various eye shapes and helping them stay in place throughout the entire application.

Additionally, they are specially designed with an inner corner cut-out, allowing for a contoured fit to the inner corners and ensuring maximum comfort.

--Stick pretty well.
--No irritation, no allergy. 
- Specially designed for eyelash extension application.
- Ideal for eyelash extension to cover the lower eyelashes or stop the eyelids from fluttering, which will make your work faster and cleaner.
- Curved shape can fit most eyes, do not need to trim like other pads, very convenient to apply.
Package Include 
25 pairs/pack,50pairs/pack,100 pairs/pack,200 pairs/pack.

Details for use 

1. Clean and dry the eye area. Lint-free,Mild formulation
2. Open the bag and apply on top of lower lashes, taking care to avoid touching the eye or the edge of the lower eyelid

3. Once the bag had been opened, please use immediately. Do not re-use the pads

4. If skin irritation or redness, flush the area with water and stop use.
Each pair individually packaged in one foil bag.
Ingredients Pure Water,Glycerol,Aloe extract, Hydrogel, etc.
The eye patch offers help and protection during eyelash extension.
The eye patch will moisture and tighten your skin and help remove wrinkle and dark circles.
Mild, No Side effect
Leaving No marks on your skin
Shelf life 3 years.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kailyn O'Keefe

Excellent fixation

Ransom Heidenreich

Quality nice
Excellent price

Jonatan Nicolas

Very good

Westley Kuphal

Love them. Just like the picture. Clients like them, too! More comfortable than regular patches.

Yvonne Green

I already ordered them several times because the truth is they are super comfortable, they fit well to the shape of the eye which allows you to work more comfortable, and apart they are very wet then it does not move at all, and arrived in perfect condition in 2 weeks